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Welcome to the Xcellsior FAQ Wiki

As I reflect on our many successes and "learning experiences" of 2010, it is that time of year where I must turn my attention to the prospects and opportunities that have now become available to me in the coming 2011 year. One cannot help but weigh the countless possibilities that lay before us in the months ahead. There are some things over which we may only have an indirect impact on; such as a recovering economy, continued preservation of our environment and world peace. Then there are the things one which we have a direct individual impact; our families, life goals, our personal hobbies/interests and our own health. What decisions can I make and what can I do to lavish more attention to the things that are important to me? Better yet, what is that one thing that I could do to even combine as many of them as possible with just one small investment? Maybe you can already see where I'm going with this.

Being an efficient and impassioned craftsman with a penchant for spending good quality time with the spouse/kids while at the same to keeping your health in check and reducing the family gasoline budget, an ebike is a wise and inexpensive way to get this new year started on the right 'foot'. We offer a broad range of bike conversion kits to get you and the family riding about the neighborhood on self-built emission-free vehicles. What could possibly be as fun and rewarding at the same time? You know you've been thinking of it for quite some time now, so wait no longer; grab yourself an ebike kit today!

Xcellsior eBike Kits Instructions

eBike Wiring Instructions

Functional Schematics for Xcellsior eBike Kits

  1. 36V 250W Kit
  2. 36V 500W Kit
  3. 48V 350W Kit
  4. 48V 500W Kit
  5. 48V 700W Kit
  6. 48V 1000W Kit


Other Interesting Stuff

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