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Welcome to XcellSior
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Written by John Howlett   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 15:52

Limited time offer! Check out our inventory blowout sale going on right now on ebay. 

Xcellsior wants to bring the costumer the new and exciting ways of the electric bike. Xcellsior has many "do it yourself" kits that will fit your level of expertise to make your normal bike into ever useful electric bike. The nerdy researchers of Xcellisor spent countless hours to find perfect way to match your bikes and the right kit to ensure the quickest and most fun way to reach the mobility and power of your new transformed ebike. And All the bike kits are throughly tested to save you from headaches of getting faulty parts from other companies. So what are you waiting for? This weekend, turn your regular bike into a lean, mean machine.

Why Ride An Electric Bike?

  • Exercise - When you want to exercise, simply take your hands off the throttle, then start sweating. It's that easy to convert between ebike stage to regular stage.
  • Fun -The electric bike makes bike rides more enjoyable for the rider to stay outdoors longer. 
  • Transportation -The cost to power an electric bike is around a penny per mile, meaning your next trip to the store could cost less than the sales tax on the products.

Why Build An Electric Bike?

  • American assembled
  • Quality components!
  • Higher voltage, power, and speed
  • All parts in the kit have been assembled and tested together
  • Cost around $0.01 per mile in electricity cost (assuming electricity cost of $0.10/kWh)

 Voltage Is Proportional To The Top Wheel Speed, Thus The Maximum MPH

  • 36V No Load Top Speed at 38V is 120Hz/23
  • 48V No Load Top Speed at 51V is 150Hz/23
  • 60V No Load Top Speed at 64V is 180Hz/23

 Power Is Function Of Speed And Acceleration

  •  250W = 36V x  6.9A
  •  350W = 48V x  7.3A
  •  500W = 36V x 13.9A
  •  500W = 48V x 10.4A
  •  700W = 48V x 14.6A
  •  800W = 60V x 13.3A
  • 1000W = 48V x 20.8A

  Speed is proportional to Voltage and Acceleration which is proportional to Current

  Power = Speed x Torque = Voltage x Current



     If something were to happen to any part of the electric bike, all parts are replaceable here!

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 October 2013 16:54
Bicycle Ride to Electric Ride!

Do you have an old bike sitting in the corner of the garage or in the hallway doing nothing? Or do you want your bike to go extra mile to actually use to commute? Do you want to contribute on reducing the harmful effects of carbon emission? Do you want to save money on gas? And do you want your bike to have the dual function of regular bike and bike? If you answered yes to any of these, be assured that you can be transform it into the new toy of the year for you. This weekend, you make it all happen.

Your normal bike can be transformed into a rechargeable electric bike. With the help of Xcellsior's electric bike kit, anyone, from young to old, from unexperienced to expert, can make their old bike an electric bike. If you stumble upon road blocks after you are equipped with our kit, our technical staff is wiling to help with any of your questions. 

At Xcellisor out motto is "Go Green, Go Healthy, Go Smart" and that is just what we plan to do when a costumer purchases one of our products. No only will we help the person fit into the new trend of going "green" but we will also help them to obtain a healthier life style while keeping as much money in their pocket as possible. At Xcellisor, we strive to help people and leave the Earth a little better stage than now.

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